Lili Fournier is a media visionary whose personal success programming brought her recognition as a leading pioneer in advancing the human potential movement.

Lili produced, directed and hosted the award-winning Quest series of specials which aired for over a decade on PBS across the U.S. and on six Canadian networks. Some of the world’s most influential spiritual and business leaders shared their success strategies for life.

The Quest was critically acclaimed for helping to launch the Mind Body Spirit paradigms into mainstream popular culture. Chiat Day, (the leading Ad agency/Apple’s Think Different Campaign) in its vanguard study on Mega-Trends in America, cited Spirituality and chose the Quest, published by Simon & Schuster, as the best personal growth product in the U.S. marketplace.

The Quest successfully raised millions for PBS’s fund-raising efforts and was the top selling video off the air amongst all TV networks in Canada.

Lili’s been a rebel, a transformational teacher and social activist, passionately committed to change the future for the world’s women and girls. She worked in various roles in live television, major multi-camera dramas and in making Hollywood films for years before embarking on a mission to produce the Quest.

As a sought-after business mentor and success coach to stars and CEOS she’s helps people deliver big dreams. As a media strategist and Producer, she advised leaders, from Gary Zukav, Wayne Dyer to Michael Beckwith to place their own PBS specials.  She’s spoken Internationally on how to harness technology to implement 21st century solutions for women’s empowerment. She was a lifestyle and real estate columnist, ran the Dream Factory, Toronto’s version of Club 54, and owned Toronto’s finest Gourmet Shop.

She Executive Produced the TV production of the “By My Spirit” concert in Toledo, Spain, with Placido Domingo, Zubin Metha and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra in the presence of Queen Sofia. This 500-Year Quincentenario Commemoration of the Jews Expulsion from Spain, was a tribute to Peace and co-existence, everything she cares about. Love is the power. The motivator.

Lili has been a dreamer and a fighter all her life. An inveterate adventurer, she travelled to over 80 countries around the world. She spoke 7 languages. English was her fifth. Lili’s Epic Quest to help realize an equal future for the world’s women and girls is now legendary. To help win the fight for freedom and democracy she committed to produce Women’s Day Live, (WDL) a live global mega-shed entertainment event to celebrate the world’s women on International Women’s Day. She came close five times. The power of music, media and celebrity will mobilize a global movement to implement a bold Girls’ Education and Women’s Economic Empowerment initiative.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, of blessed memory was the Patron for Women’s Day Live. He sent out letters for nearly a decade to invite support for the mission. This March 8, 2024, the dream comes true God willing. The legendary Louis J. Horvitz (Live Aid, Grammy’s, Oscars) will direct. The future of humanity is in our hands.

We are in the midst of a devastating Global Humanitarian Crisis where every wrong has come up to meet us. What we need is ethical visionary leaders who will inspire the world to rise to this consequential moment in history. We are at a critical tipping point in our human history. We all need to call on our courage to be fierce defenders of human rights, freedom and democracy.

“I have made vows which have tested my faith, my endurance and my will to the limit. The struggle to pursue the dream to launch Women’s Day Live for over 12 years has taken all the strength and courage I have. Outrageous courage actually, given I KNEW all of this was coming. We simply have to save the future course of history for the world’s women and girls or they will be set back generations. We cannot allow this happen on our watch. Given that everything I value is at stake, who would I be if I didn’t take a stand. I will never give up.

Together we will share more purpose, wisdom, strength and inspiration than we ever thought possible to support ourselves, our communities, and the evolution of our planetary awakening.

“We’re here to transform people’s lives and change the world. It’s a big deal.

What you do matters. Make it count. - Lili Fournier