The Heart in Action Global Humanitarian Campaign

Join us for an Epic We are Family Benefit Concert and Music Festival to help feed the hungry.

Strategies for a Year Long Global Effort 

Make International Impact. Help Build a Humanitarian Franchise with a Global Footprint to deliver solutions together.

Imagine the excitement! A live global mega-shed entertainment extravaganza across all global media platforms. Music’s biggest stars will use the power of music to bring the heartbeat of the world together in a global campfire to show we care and to share our common humanity, something we desperately need now.


Given the tragic urgency of what is the most severe Global Hunger Crisis in modern history, we have  the opportunity to create three powerful campaigns in the coming year. All Charities can use our branding, platform and fund-raising campaigns to help raise urgently needed funding.

The Cause of Women and Girls is the Moral Imperative of the 21st Century 

The first-of-its-kind Global Digital Music Festival and Benefit Concert will use the power of music, celebrity and technology to open the heart of humanity to respond to the plight of the world’s women and children.

LIVE AID had 40 Simultaneous Telethons. It’s greatest impact was sparking substantial International Development Aid.

We are at a critical crossroads as a human family. Over 345 Million people are experiencing hunger or starvation. Will you step up and help?  |

"I do not know any other person in the world with the kind of determination and commitment you have. I respect you for your unfailing hope in Women’s Day Live and I believe it will happen one day”.
- Musimbi KANYORO, former CEO of Global Fund for Women & co-Chair of Women's Day Live

"You always have my support because your heart and soul are in the right place. You are the most committed person I know. STAY THE COURSE! I hope your dreams comes to fruition. I believe in you".
- Louis J. HORVITZ, Legendary Director of the Grammys, Oscars, Live Aid.

"Toronto is proud to be the host city for this live ground-breaking inaugural Women's Day Live Benefit concert. I invite cities and leaders worldwide to join us on International Women's Day to celebrate women's achievements and support the limitless potential of women and girls".
- Kathleen Wynne, Former Premier of Ontario, Canada

The Cause of Women and Girls is the Cause of the 21st century.