This is a decisive turning point in World History. What we do now will determine the future of our civilization. The World’s legendary stars will use the power of music to open the heart of humanity to help feed the women and children during this devastating global humanitarian crisis. The World Food Program estimates that over 340 million people will experience hunger and starvation.

Women's Day Live is a spectacular All-Star Multi-Venue Global Benefit Concert that will capture the airwaves around the world on March 8, 2023 on International Women’s Day. Our passion and our purpose is to build a sustainable fund-raising and global advocacy platform that will align women’s voices, power and leadership. We will build this into one of the most popular international music festivals in the world, that keeps giving back to the future. March 8th is celebrated in over 150 countries every year and is a national holiday in 35. The back up day is Mother’s Day May 14, 2023.

HELP FEED THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN. It is about saving lives and livelihoods. Our Mission is to launch a global campaign  to accelerate unprecedented levels of investment in  Women’s Global Economic Empowerment. Women are the most potent force for global economic growth. If not now, when?

We have a world class Emmy-Award Winning team. We can do it. Bold action is needed now. This is Live Aid Women. Global engagement. Global connectivity. Local impact.

Women’s Day Live offers an innovative globe spanning philanthropic initiative that can raise big money. The  Heart in Action Global Humanitarian Campaign will create the Biggest Give Back Day in the World.

For more info see www.womensdaylive.com

"I have met Lili Fournier and I am impressed with all that she has achieved thus far and wouId want to support her efforts to celebrate International Women's Day effectively. We believe the concert will be an historic occasion and hope that you will join us in giving this annual event your support".
- Archbishop Desmond TUTU, Nobel Peace Laureate. Women's Day Live Patron.

"I do not know any other person in the world with the kind of determination and commitment you have. I respect you for your unfailing hope in Women’s Day Live and I believe it will happen one day”.
- Musimbi KANYORO, former CEO of Global Fund for Women & co-Chair of Women's Day Live

"You always have my support because your heart and soul are in the right place. You are the most committed person I know. STAY THE COURSE! I hope your dreams comes to fruition. I believe in you".
- Louis J. HORVITZ, Legendary Director of the Grammys, Oscars, Live Aid.

"Toronto is proud to be the host city for this live ground-breaking inaugural Women's Day Live Benefit concert. I invite cities and leaders worldwide to join us on International Women's Day to celebrate women's achievements and support the limitless potential of women and girls".
- Kathleen Wynne, Former Premier of Ontario, Canada

The Cause of Women and Girls is the Cause of the 21st century.