Lili Fournier is a renaissance woman whose powerful personal success programming has brought her recognition as a leading pioneer in advancing the human potential movement. Lili Fournier hosted, produced and directed the award-winning Quest specials which blazed a trail on PBS stations, airing for over a decade. Her visionary leadership and leading-edge work opened the airwaves across North America to spiritual programming challenging the conventions of the mind-body-spirit paradigms.

Lili has been a dreamer and a fighter all her life.

She has learned a thing or two about risk and adversity and what it takes to achieve big goals, spending decades setting and achieving one major break-through after another and rising to the top of her field in several careers including Television, Film, Investment and Residential Real Estate, as a Lifestyle Columnist for the Sun and a Real-Estate columnist and in her retail enterprises, which included Toronto’s finest gourmet shop.

As a child she experienced man’s inhumanity to man firsthand, when her parents fled a communist regime where she faced intolerance only to do it all over again when they became immigrants twice over again. The American Dream and the promise of Freedom burned bright in heart as a child. She was always told ‘you can’t, you’re a girl. She always answered “Yes, I can”. English was her fifth language by the time she was ten. She learned early about how painful it is to bear the brunt of prejudice, to not belong, and committed herself to fight for justice and equality when she grew up.

After a couple of decades of a successful career as a cog in the wheel of making television and films, first blazing a trail as Canada’s first female Assistant Director (with Ilona Herzberg) she went on to work as a Script Supervisor on TV series, movies and feature films for ABC, Universal, Showtime, Paramount, Global, CFTO, et al, and as an Associate Director, from live concert specials to major multiple-camera dramas. Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion with Peter O’Toole, for 20th Century Fox and Astral – was her all -time favorite drama and favorite star. He was as wild as she was. They got on like a house on fire.

In 1992 she pulled off an impossible feat, having just learned about the By My Spirit Concert and Global spiritual gathering 3 months before. She ended up producing the Television event, actually saving it. She invested her own funds to secure a 9-camera mobile unit and the best crew in Spain. Two global events in Spain including the Olympics made equipment scarce. Funds came through at the last hour for the concert.

Right before the Reconciliation ceremony at the synagogue in Madrid, with room for only 300 dignitaries from around the world, as the King of Spain and the President of Israel were ushered, and as the door was closing, the Chairman held out his hand to Lili who was filming on the red carpet with her crew, and said “Mrs. Fournier, won’t you join us”. Such a moment of respect, she will never forget. This was a historic 500 year commemoration of the Jews Expulsion from Spain and a tribute to peace and co-existence lead by Nobel Peace Laureate, Eli Wiesel. Everything she cared about.

Media Visionary. Plays a Pioneering role in the Human Potential Movement.

After she got knocked off a flight to India that was blown up by Terrorists, she made a VOW in gratitude for getting to raise her children that she would make “Television that matters” and she set off to make her own shows, and started the Quest. Always ahead of her times, she was rejected endlessly. Her life-changing programs were eventually seen by millions of viewers for over a decade, successfully raising millions for PBS’s fund-raising efforts. She started with 12 markets and worked full out for years to expand syndication to reach 90 million households across the U.S. Also aired on 6 Canadian networks, in Europe and Israel. She was passionately committed to inspire people to go for their dreams. Clearly, media had the power to foster positive social change.

Critically acclaimed as the best of its genre for its in-depth approach to contemporary life issues, the Quest featured some of the world’s most influential spiritual and business leaders and best-selling authors on how to achieve success with significance. Nobel Peace laureates the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Sir Richard Branson, Sir John Templeton, Russell Simmons, Stephen Covey, Jane Goodall, Deepak Chopra, Gloria Steinem, Joan Borysenko, Thomas Moore, Sam Keen, Marci Shimoff, Jack Canfield and many other luminaries.

It’s great to be #1. A trusted leader in personal development. In its vanguard study on Mega Trends in America, the leading Ad Agency of the time, Chiat Day (Apple’s Think Different Campaign) cited Spirituality and chose the Quest, published by Simon & Schuster as the best product in the U.S. marketplace. The Quest also became the best selling video off the air on broadcast television in Canada.

WOMEN OF WISDOM AND POWER - A PASSION TO RE-IGNITE THE FEMINIST AGENDA. After airing her award-winning 3 hour WOWP specials on PBS, plus a 2 hour live studio broadcast from WLIW, New York, she was flooded with stories from women across the U.S. who said the women in the shows, like Jane Goodall, Gloria Steinem, Alanis Morissette, Shirley MacLaine, lit a fire under them and gave them the courage to go for their dreams. Realizing the immensity of what this meant, Lili felt a sense of urgency to re-ignite the feminist agenda. Lynne Twist’s passionate advocacy for women ignited for Lili a passion for the impossible dream. Achieving Equal opportunity for women in her lifetime. Convinced now of the huge power media had to make social change, she dedicated her life to the education and empowerment of women. Funding was vastly inadequate for women and girls. She decided to do something about it. She wanted to get to the heart and soul of why women have no power. It’s time to change the old paradigms. What’s needed desperately is real collaboration in the truest sense. A new model to generate revenue instead of squeezing in the same door competing for the same dollar. This is going to take bold action. We are stronger together. In the next ten years, we need to get ourselves in the driver’s seat. Working together is the only real hope for the future.

International Women's Day was not well known in North America at the time. She decided to put it on the map. The TV broadcast showed women gathering in every city worldwide on this day, their voices growing stronger every year. If it wasn’t quite true, she felt it would become so the more women heard it. The shows aired prime time in 28 of the top 30 markets across the U.S. The message was flowing across the airwaves. You see, the World March of Women marched in over 170 countries on March 8, 2000, and it barely made the news. She was shocked that something so significant for women would not make it to air. When they did it again in 2005 she invested a great deal of time and getting up and down planes to make sure all the networks knew about it and it still did not make it to air at all. It’s as if it never happened. She was outraged. It was time to dedicate herself to her bold vision for women’s global economic empowerment And thus started the journey of a million miles to capture the airwaves of the world with Women’s Day Live, to give women the resources they need.

Lili Fournier's Epic Quest
Lili Fournier's Epic Quest

The Secret of Lili Fournier’s Success. When asked, she said it was her “incredible perseverance, her willingness to take risks and her courage to keep trying over and over again”. She continued on to say that she used to say “that if you believe it, and you can see it, then you can achieve it”. However, now she would temper that by saying there are powerful cultural forces at play that do not support your success. After one success after another, it was still extremely challenging for her to get access to capital for her next documentary. Why is that? So the issue of capital for women’s economic empowerment is huge.

As an inveterate adventurer who had traveled to over 80 countries around the world with her Gerard for 14 months when they just got married, she had lived amongst women in the grassroots. Yet until then she had not realized that it was the severe subjugation of women in most parts of the world that kept poverty in place. She is renown for her grit and perseverance and never giving up on a goal. Her next Vow was that she would produce Women’s Day Live. A live global multi-venue benefit concert that would build an annual sustainable fund-raising and global advocacy platform to help accelerate unprecedented investment in the education and empowerment of women and girls worldwide.

Lili shared her mission with President Clinton who invited her to make it a CGI commitment.

Lili always felt that the education of women was the key antidote to the assault on the pillars of democracy she saw coming after 9/11. So she set about trying to wake women up to their power to be ready for what she knew was going to be the fight of our lifetime. That’s why she couldn’t stop her mission. She also predicted this severe global humanitarian crisis and did everything in her power to be ready to respond with Humanitarian Aid. She has the dream and the team and is ready. She is known to say that spiritual maturity demands that we care about helping others and understand our human inter-connectedness. Her commitment to Equality and Social Justice has fueled her staying power and the personal sacrifices she’s been called to make for the future benefit of humanity.

"Lili Fournier's passionate and courageous commitment to the cause of women's global empowerment despite the challenges over the years with launching such a bold and ambitious vision like WOMEN'S DAY LIVE is simply unbelievable and a real inspiration. She just simply will not give up until it happens".
- Liona Boyd

The Evolution of Power. Power is not given. It needs to be taken. Women need to claim it now.  

This is a threshold moment in time, a wakeup call for all of us women to step up to the plate with everything we’ve got. We have to choose courage over comfort and be willing to do what it takes. Now is the time to use this formidable moment where all wrongs have come up to meet us to ignite real systematic change. Women have enormous collective power. They are the great defenders of democracy. The future is in our hands. The stakes could not be higher.

Lili met with Katie Telford, the Chief of Staff for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who supported her bold vision for women’s global economic empowerment. Prime Minister Trudeau had just made a historic investment in women when he hosted the G7 Summit in 2018 inviting leaders to also put women at the heart of International Development AID. This means billions in the hands of women’s grassroots funds where it has the greatest impact. We must mobilize a global campaign to call on world leaders to put women and children at the heart of global economic recovery plans or they will be set back by generations. We cannot allow this to happen.

Lili Fournier and her quote

Lili’s Epic Quest to fight for freedom and democracy and to help realize this dream of an equal future for the world’s women and girls is now legendary. Right now it’s a race to save lives and livelihoods. Help us launch an ambitious global effort to open the heart of humanity to help feed the women and children. We have the dream and the team. Will you answer the call?

She first made the VOW on an empty Washington Mall, when she flew in to Washington on the first fight after 9/11. She thought educated empowered women were the solution for the attack on democracy she saw coming. Having grown up in Communism, the signs of divide and conquer were clear. For twelve years she dedicated herself exclusively to launching this Heart in Action Global Humanitarian Campaign. She’s come close four times.

Lili's gone the distance. She has a world class Emmy award winning team. Given the ambitious global effort we must go into production now. Join us to open the heart of humanity to help feed the women and the children.


"We are at a critical tipping point in our human history. We all need to call on our courage to be fierce defenders of the pillars of democracy and freedom.

I have made vows which have tested my faith, my endurance and my will to the limit. Given that everything I value is at stake, who would I be if I didn’t take a stand".